Brand of the year 2020

Back till 2016 I was just a homemaker spending my entire time there and it kind of frustrated me and I felt like doing something.
I was always interested in cooking and baking and I thought why not to utilise my skills and become more productive. I started baking cakes once in a while and people started liking it. back when I started this venture in 2016 I used to receive 1 order in like a month but now working hard and not giving up I sell an average of 10 cakes in a week.
Not only baking but I also started my own network marketing business of Modicare products and have reached at a position of director in less than a year. I’ve started feeling very productive and have proove myself that if you have the will you can achieve everything.
I manage my home, my bakery, my business as well as my kids.
towards the end I would just say that follow what your heart says and anything you do in your life just do it to proove yourself.

Mrs. Prerna Veryani, Kanpur UP, Modicare DP.

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