Co-Founder and CEO, Yo. Fit Wellness. Healing Therapy

Today when our life is completely gone for a toss leading to many lifestyle diseases, such as stress depression, Bp, Diabetes, Insomnia etc.
Here is a good solution to stay healthy and happy forever. A must-read book “Never Visit A Doctor” – by Sapna Priyadarshi. This book addresses all your ailments and provides a natural solution for them. You will not look beyond this book.
It also suggests a Daily Yoga Plan with Diet management. Sapna’s NHM (Neuro Healing Meditation) amazingly relaxes your Mind Body and soul.

This book can also be a wonderful gift for your friends, Colleagues, Employees, and family members.
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Sapna Priyadarshi is the Co-Founder and CEO of Yo.Fit (, which is into wellness, healing and therapy. She feels that yoga, asanas, pranayama, mudras, meditation, diet management and correct lifestyle, are the most natural and effective methods to attain a healthy body and happy mind.

She, along with her qualified and experienced team at Yo. Fit conducts Wellness, Therapy & Healing programs for corporates, institutions, societies, and individuals. These customized sessions help people in physical fitness, mental happiness, curing lifestyle diseases, and overcoming stress/anxiety/depression.

She is also the author of the bestselling book Never Visit a  Doctor  –  How to stay Fit & Healthy Forever, which guides you towards keeping yourself physically fit and mentally happy naturally.

Group Programs

(Corporates, Institutions, Societies)

  • Wellness Programs
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Wellness Desk
  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Focus & Attention Management
  • Professional & Personal Life Management

Individual Programs

  • Wellness Program
  • Therapy & Healing Program
  • Weight Management Program
  • Depression & Stress Management Program
  • Neuro Healing Meditation (NHM)

Mrs. Sapna Priyadarshi Co-Founder and CEO, Yo. Fit

Wellness. Healing Therapy

  • M. Sc. in Yoga from Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University
  • M.A. in Literature
  • One-year diploma in yoga from Vethathiri Maharishi Institute for Spiritual and Intuitional Education, Tamil Nadu.

Wellness Coach Reiki Master Hypnotherapist, Fitness Expert NLP Trainer Author.

To watch her videos on yoga asanas, meditation, pranayama, mudra and diet for a healthy body & happy  mind, you may follow her  YouTube    channel

For any Corporate Wellness Program or Personal counselling/healing/therapy sessions, you may contact her directly

Mrs. Sapna Priyardarshi
Co-Founder and CEO, Yo. Fit Wellness. Healing Therapy
+91 6392883709

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